Drinking Sweet Morning Dew and Screen Saver Download

Here is the Screen Saver Please Download a copy 

If This Works out and every one likes the screen Savers i will start posting them this way together. i didn't know if anyone wanted them. i know people are scared of downloading but these are only screen savers NOT .EXE files only scr. files to use them download them. right click on them once they download and then install or double click. it will ask you if you want to download the file don't be scared. they are all safe i promise.

animations take a few seconds to fully load.

Please share this with someone special to you. or to your wall. and thank you for Viewing my Animations. :). to share to just one person hit to 1up button. then click on the box that pops up. type in +AND THE NAME OF THE PERSON YOU WANT TO SHARE THIS WITH. (make sure to remove your circles) and that is it. they will receive a Nice Animation. :) or you cant just post to your wall for everyone. to open this blog click the flipcard button on top left screen. heres a list of my other

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